Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie


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We make this pie one week/year, as the cherry season is short and because cherries take FOREVER for us to pit! We have 10 up for grabs this weekend and then that will be that. Grab one before they’re gone! Our organic cherries are from the Smit Ranch (Hidden Star Orchards) in Linden.

A note on pricing: We feel bad about the price tag on these, but between the price of organic cherries ($4-$7/lb wholesale, before loss due to pitting) and the amount of labor it takes to make them (the pitting alone on ten pies takes one person almost three hours!) the price is what it is – sorry, folks!

We anticipate selling out quickly of these pies. If we are sold out, you can add yourself to the waitlist in case more become available here.

– Serves 7-10

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