by lenore on March 12, 2015

PI DAY is almost here, everybody! This year, March 14th falls on a Saturday, so we’ll be starting the party early with pie delivery and pickup on Friday, March 13th!


We assume that by this time you are already familiar with Pi (past newsletters have been devoted to explaining the principles of geometry, praising geometry’s utility in modern life, and even learning about Archimedes – the greatest mathematician of classical antiquity) and also with Pie (obviously) BUT until recently, even we were completely in the dark about the origins of Pi Day.

And guess what? Thanks to the internet we learned that there’s a guy right here in San Francisco who came up with the whole thing in the 80′s! His name is Larry, his hair, beard, and shirt collection are AWESOME and somehow we have not yet met him – even though he obviously loves pie! Larry, where are you and how have you not yet come out of the woodwork? WE WANT ANSWERS!

If any of you readers out there know Larry, please send him our way for a free slice of pie this Saturday at the Ferry Plaza. As for the rest of you, reserve in advance if you have your heart set on something as always!
xoxo, The Babes



by lenore on April 9, 2014

You heard right, ladies and gents, it’s Goat Fest this weekend – the most popular of CUESA’s Seasonal Celebration. Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN PET ADORABLE BABY GOATS!!! And also eat them at 4505 Meats. Rough chuckles.

We’ll have some special pies available only at the Ferry Plaza this Saturday in honor of our furry friends (Hark! it’s the return of savory pies!) On the menu: Savory goat cheese with green garlic and asparagus and sweet goat cheese with honey. More details on goat fest are here. 



by lenore on March 11, 2014

Hi all! We’ve recently had a surge in requests for our recipes. We don’t give out our recipes willy nilly (we’ve gotta save SOMETHING for our Once-and-Future-Cookbook!) but we DO occasionally publish recipes in various places online and in print. So over the next few weeks we’ll link back to recipes of the past so you’ll have a chance to check them out if you haven’t before!  First up – for those of you who didn’t see it, we published this article in Serious Eats last fall on making adorable mini pies! Follow along and you can be the hero of your office this Friday (which is, incidentally, Pi Day). If you get lazy or give up in despair, feel free to just buy one from us (Look to your right. YOUR RIGHT! There you go.) See the full article here.



Pie-making classes are back!

by lenore on January 23, 2014

We’re bringing back pie classes earlier than usual this year due to increased demand (you’re welcome!) Yet again, were offering our ever-popular three class series – fruit pies, cream pies, and custard/nut pies beginning in late February. Sign up on Good Eggs for one, two, or all-three of our classes and you could be rolling out crust like a pro in time for Pi Day this year. (YOU’LL SHOW YOUR CUBE-MATE WHO IS BOSS BECAUSE YOU’RE A CHAMP LIKE THAT! YEAH!) Not that you’d gloat or anything.

chocolate_banana_cream smaller


Apple Pie in Food+Wine!

by lenore on November 11, 2013



November is somehow here, and holiday pie season is kicking into full gear! We’ve been selling at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market each Saturday, which has been a lot of fun. Last week, we had the great honor of being named to Food&Wine Magazine’s list of America’s Best Apple Pies. Many of you have written in or come up to us at the farmer’s market to ask about apple selection, so we thought we’d talk a little bit on apples. One question we get a lot is what the “best” apple for baking pies is. Honestly, there’s no right answer – the “best” apple for pies is the one that is in season and delicious when you are making your pie! (Generally speaking, tart is better than sweet for apple pies. We never use Much of the year we use Pink Lady apples, but we also love Mutsus, Jonathans, Granny Smiths, Pippins, Pink Pearls, Gravensteins and Rome Beauty Apples (all apples with shorter seasons), and will often use a mixture of two or more of these varieties for our apple pies. We recommend talking to your farmer about what is best and in season right now. It is very important to buy organic apples, as the average conventionally grown apple has more pesticide residue on it than any other fruit or vegetable.  Here in the Bay Area, we are lucky to have access to exceptional fruit almost all year round, and our favorite apple farms right now are Devoto, Hidden Star, and Nana Mae’s. This week, we also got an infusion of back yard/foraged Gravenstein apples from our friend Dana Frasz, who is the creator of Oakland-based FoodShift. We admire Dana for her boundless energy and her commitment to building a more sustainable food system. She agreed to write a guest post for our blog, which is included below. Thanks Dana!


Imagine going to the grocery store and buying 10 bags full of food. Now imagine throwing four of those bags in the trash. Seems crazy, right? But on a much larger scale, this is what’s happening every day in homes, businesses, and institutions throughout the United States. Forty percent of the food produced in the US is wasted every year all while 50 million Americans don’t have enough to eat.  Food Shift is developing financially sustainable food recovery models that generate revenue so vulnerable populations can be trained and employed in the process of reducing food waste and hunger.  35 years ago there were 400 food assistance organizations; now there are more than 40,000. Yet hunger and food waste are more heightened than ever before.   Meanwhile, in Oakland unemployment rates are close to 20%. Given the increasing realities of climate change, the high cost of wasting food and the realities of hunger and poverty, it is critical that we create jobs and use food for it’s highest and best use: feeding people.

Food Shift is focusing on creating green jobs in the recovery and redistribution of surplus food as an extension of our current waste management system and as a way to provide opportunity in the process of tackling food system inefficiency.  We work with schools, businesses and governments and we’re currently looking to partner with restaurants in the Bay Area who are interested in piloting a program to give the option of smaller portion sizes to customers.  Contact us if you know of any restaurants that might be interested in working with us to reduce waste, feed the hungry, and engage their customers in a way that benefits community and the environment.  We all have a role to play!  Go to www.foodshift.net to learn how you can reduce your waste and be part of the solution!

-Dana Frasz, Founder and Director of Food Shift


Pie-making contest at CUESA this Saturday

by lenore on October 26, 2013


We’re pumped about CUESA’s pie-making contest tomorrow. (Side note: WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE AND COMPETITIONS? You should hear some of the the smack our farmers have been talking!) The prizes are pretty awesome: Gifts from HEATH Ceramics, Sur La Table, KNEAD Patisserie, Good Eggs, Nana Joe’s Granola, YOLO Farmstand, Emmy’s Pickles, Bluestem Brasserie, Book Passage, and Kika’s Treats, just to name a few. Plus, all of the non-winners (runners-up? “also-ran” pie makers ? we don’t know what to call you people, but whatever it is, it isn’t “losers.” You’re all winners and we love you!) are entered in a consolation drawing for a free pie-making class with us. (Yeah…who’s a loser NOW?) Come submit pies from 8am-10:30 am. We’ll be on hand at the CUESA kitchen to answer all of your pie-making questions before judging begins! We’ll also have a little stand at the front where you can buy slices, whole pies, and even pre-order for Thanksgiving! We hope to see you there!


The Babes


Thanks to all of you who have been over to the Presidio to see us on Sundays! It’s been a lot of fun, and we have the pleasure of manning a booth surrounded by lots of our friends and fellow food-makers – Dandelion Chocolate, Humphry Slocombe, Ritual Coffee, Namu Gaji, and so many more! We even borrowed this awesome spinning carnival wheel and fun times rocking horse from our friends at Paul’s Hatworks! (And man, has the wheel been a successful marketing tool – people just love to spin that thing).

spinny wheelgiant rocking horse

Possible prizes include: high fives all around, life advice, matchmaking services, a ride on the rocking horse (ALERT – this is especially fun), free use of our giant bowling set, and even a free slice of pie! Crazy, we know!!!

We’re only there a few more weeks so if you haven’t made it over yet, hurry the heck up already – we have unsolicited advice a’plenty, saved up just for you!


The Babes



Yeah, Lenore can’t do it – at least not in sport-specific categories – and that’s why it would be SO HILARIOUS if Three Babes were to win this contest and get our own Superbowl Commercial.

Lenore: “You guys – we could TOTALLY have the commercial be us looking for the new 3rd Babe. We could get a bunch of professional athletes on the commercial cutting up fruit, making crust, arm wrestling with us….”

Anna: “Oh yeah? Like who were you thinking?”

Lenore: “Like… Ok, Jerry Rice is retired, right? OOH, Tim Tebow! He still plays football, no?”

Anna: “Seriously Lenore?”

Lenore: “Ok, TOM BRADY! He definitely plays still! Is Michael Vick out of jail?”

Obviously, we need all the help we can get, so please put it on your calendar and vote every day in August!



Fun times at CUESA

by lenore on July 10, 2013

photo-17Can we just say how much we love everybody over at CUESA? We had an AWESOME time a few weeks ago showing people how to make cherry pies, AND a great time the week before that hosting the mimosa bar at CUESA’s 20th Birthday party. Party hats for all!

Most people who work in food in the Bay Area already know about CUESA, but for those who don’t, it’s the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture and is an organization dedicated to cultivating a sustainable food system. They’re the folks responsible for the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and for the education programs that go on there, including programs for adults (like our pie making demo) and for children (such as Foodwise Kids, which brings in elementary students from the community to shop for and prepare fresh food.)

Our friend Elianna Friedman is the market chef at CUESA and is a passionate food educator and community activist. For any of  you out there who want to get involved in food justice or just learn more about the food system, CUESA is a great organization with which to volunteer. To learn more, visit CUESA’s website or, in a much more delicious move, go to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and pick up some delicious produce straight from a real, live farmer! And if you’re there on a Saturday, please pick us up some chilaquiles from Primavera in the back. They’re the best. Sometimes superlatives are just called for, you know?


The Babes




Cherry Cacao Nib Crumble. Who wants in?

by lenore on May 21, 2013

Cherry Cacao Nib Crumble

Cherries are so good it makes me want to jump! Memories of driving out to the packing sheds with my father and of climbing our cherry tree to read my book are many of my earliest and most vivid from childhood. Years ago when I lived in Manhattan, my dad would pick the cherries off the tree in our yard and mail them to me at my giant office building on Park Avenue. Everyone on my floor was amazed by how good they were. I kind of can’t believe that I even shared them.

This week for our partnership with Dandelion Chocolate we are very excited to go beyond pies and make some our other favorite items from childhood. Anna’s whipped up a cherry cacao nib crumble with Bing cherries from Hidden Star Orchards that will knock your socks off! Also, chocolate lemon bars. I’m trying to curb swear words in the professional setting, so I’m done now.


To purchase: Dandelion Chocolate, 740 Valencia, Wed May 22nd – Sun May 26th (10a-8p)