Our Featured Farmer of the Quarter is Roger Sitkin of Old Dog Ranch. (Yeah yeah, we know it was supposed to be the featured farmer of the week but we’ve got pies to bake – deal with it!) Roger’s ranch is located in Bellota, which is about 90 miles east of SF.  The walnuts grown at Old Dog Ranch are so fresh and delicate that you can crack the shells with your bare hands. The ranch is also the source of some of our honey, ten kinds of blueberries, and some of our favorite childhood memories. If you want to buy some walnuts to eat at home, you can find them in the shell at Other Avenues Coop.

And in case you are curious, here are more of our purveyors of fruits, vegetables and other comestibles:

Hidden Star Orchards – The Smit family’s ranch is just down the road from Babe Anna’s family homestead. Their five kids caused almost as much trouble at St. Mary’s High School as we did! Trouble-making aside, we are inspired by their work-ethic and commitment to their products, and we are proud to bake their blueberries, cherries, and apples into delicious, delicious pies.

Nana Mae’s Organics – Paul from Nana Mae’s is such a nice man! We heart him, and we are pretty obsessed with all of the crazy wonderful heirloom apples that are growing over at Nana Mae’s.

Frog Hollow – No surprise here, Farmer Al gets it DONE with some of the juciest, most flavorful fruit in the market.  We love Frog Hollow’s Stone Fruit in the summer, and their juicy pears in the fall and winter.

Guittard Chocolate –  This is a fifth generation San Francisco owned business! The chocolate is fair trade certified and Amy Guittard is our homegirl!

Happy Boy – Somehow, Happy Boy happens to employ like half of ‘lil babe Olivia’s friends from college so we have to try pretty hard to keep farmer’s market pickups from turning into a big old social hour.  It’s all in good fun, though, and we love Happy Boy’s fresh vegetables – salad greens, tomatoes, squash, onions – you name it!

Other Avenues – In Babe Anna’s other life, she’s a part-owner of this natural foods cooperative (and their chocolate buyer!) The kind folks over at OA have graciously allowed us to order our dry goods and organic dairy in bulk, and we are eternally grateful.  Thanks guys!

Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegan: We know, we’re working on it! All you gluten-intolerant folk: I feel you. I can’t even imagine. How do you LIVE? So yeah, we’ve recently started featuring a few options each week. Check our home page for this week’s selections, and if you have ideas, send them our way! Otherwise, we’ll be in the lab, mixing beakers and nodding. In goggles.

Allergies: We don’t use nuts unless otherwise stated. Salty Honey Walnut contains nuts, SURPRISE. Less obviously, many of the fruit tarts with coconut or walnut custard also contain nuts. Many of our baked goods use nuts, seeds or cheese. If you are concerned about cross contamination, please call us to discuss. Unless specifically labeled to the contrary, most of our products do contain dairy, eggs and wheat.


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